Collaborative Project FP7:  Ecological Function and Biodiversity Indicators in European Soils Instrument (EcoFINDERS)

Principal Investigator:  Prof. Tatiana Kluvánková-Oravská

Co-researchers:  Dr. Veronika Gežík (Chobotová), assoc. prof. Urban Kováč, assoc. prof. Lenka Slavíková, Ing. Veronika Poklembová, Mgr. Lucia Leváková

Duration of the project:  01/01/2011 – 31/12/2014

Contract Number: 264465

Coordinator:  Dr. Philippe Lemanceau, Institut national de la recherche agronomique, INRA, FR


Soils are a crucial part of the earth system and play fundamental roles in its functioning, linking the atmospheric, subsurface and aquatic compartments. Soils supply many of mankind’s needs and contribute greatly to the economic well-being of developed and developing nations. As asserted by the Soil Framework Directive (SFD) proposal, soil is a non-renewable resource that performs key environmental, social and cultural functions which are vital to human life and the sustainability of global ecosystems. The project will assess the role played by environmental factors such as soil type, climates, land uses and soil threats on biodiversity and its expression, and consequently on soil functioning and ecosystem services. A major remaining challenge is to link soil biodiversity with soil functioning, and to assess how soil biodiversity contributes to the delivery of ecosystem services.