Regional Innovation Policy Impact Assessment and Benchmarking Process: European Cooperation for Sustainable Regional Innovation (EURO-COOP)

Principal Investigator:  Prof. Tatiana Kluvánková-Oravská (till 31/12/2006, 2007-2008 Dr. Edita Nemcova)

Co-researchers:  doc. Ing. Štefan Zajac, CSc., Dr Vladimír Baláž

Duration of the project:  01/10/2006 – 30/09/2010

Contract Number: 035536

Coordinator: The Interdisciplinary Centre for Comparative Research in the Social Sciences, Viena, Austria

The EUROCOOP project contributed to the ‘Research and Innovation’ priority. Its major goals were encouraging a more innovation friendly environment throughout the European Union (EU), stimulating technological innovation and setting up innovative technology businesses.The main objective of the project was to develop a research and innovation policy impact assessment system on the regional level in order to improve the measurement of the various impacts of these policies. This impact assessment system was transferable and applicable to all regions in Europe and their different circumstances.Furthermore, the project wanted to stimulate further development of regional research and innovation policies as well as their adaptation to future needs and opportunities of the regions.