Linking research and policy making for managing the contradictions of sustainable consumption and economic growth (RESPONDER)

Principal Investigator:  Prof. Tatiana Kluvánková-Oravská

Co-researchers:  Dr. Veronika Gežík (Chobotová), Dr. Richard Filčák

Duration of the project:  01/01/2011 – 30/06/2014

Contract Number: 265297

Coordinator:  André Martinuzzi, PhD.Vienna University of Economics and Business


RESPONDER dealed with potential political, social and economic contradictions between sustainable consumption and economic growth. The project focused on consumption decisions made by private households, considering their rationalities, options and factors affecting their decision making, and focused on the impacts of these decisions on sustainability and/or economic growth as well as viable policy options.2 To gain an integrative perspective research findings from social-psychology oriented research on consumer behavior were be linked with macroeconomic theories and approaches on economic growth (and thereby also to the debates on green growth, beyond growth and de-growth).

The challenge was linking four communities: linking science and policy has already been recognized as a challenge, as these social systems follow different rules and rationalities. RESPONDER faced an additional challenge, as it had to improve the mutual understanding of what could be called the “pro-growth community” (mostly mainstream economists and policy makers oriented towards the EU Lisbon Strategy) and the “beyond-growth community” (mostly scientists highlighting biophysical limits to growth, social movements in several European member states and policy makers involved in the sustainable development debate). Therefore a highly innovative knowledge brokerage system were be developed and implemented that supports a structured dialogue between researchers and policy makers across Europe.


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