Cetip Social Innovation Case Studies at Simra General Assembly in Padova!

On June 12-14 SIMRA consortium has met in Padova to present, share and further develop preliminary results of two years of work. CETIP came up with two case studies on social innovation from Central Europe and Balkan presented directly by their proposers and key stakeholders Ivo Saganic from Cres Martinsica and Maria Kozova from Catholic University in Ruzomberk, Slovakia. Both presented interesting models for survival of marginalised rural areas.

Vlkolinec represents Slovak cultural and natural heritage being the UNESCO locality and case A in SIMRA Register. Revival of traditional farming and agro- and ecotourism has increased chances to survival of this living reserve of folk architectureas presented by Maria Kozova. Additionally Vlkolinec  has potential as  “laboratory” for school and university students, and a place of practice-oriented workshops and summer schools.

Vidovici is ancient settlement on hilly island Cres, Croatia that as many others has suffered from depopulation and land degradation. Thanks to excellent leadership of Ivo Saganic and community identity Vidovici represent evidence model for survival and co-evolution of rural and modern life in marginalised area targeting at socio-ecological resilience.

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